For Health Professionals

Dementia Waikato provides clients / patients with
post-diagnosis and ongoing support through:

  • Home visits, initially and as needed
  • Regular phone support
  • DHB Dementia Navigator Service
  • Liaison with DSL and MHSOP (DW has InterRai records access)
  • Carepartner Support Groups throughout Waikato
  • Family Education Seminars

Dementia Waikato has field staff of Nurses, Occupational Therapists and Social Workers. Care partners are empowered to function well in their role. Dementia Waikato can come and speak at practices and clinics (CPD hrs).

Supporting individuals, families and communities to live well at home with dementia.

Referral Forms:

Click below to download a referral form. Please send referrals to the email address on the bottom of the form.

For referrals from DHB staff:
DHB Clinical Referral Form

For GPs, Primary Health, and Community Agencies:
General Referral Form

Click here for printable fact sheets

For Residential Facility staff -

Changed Behaviour Guide a comprehensive guide to changed behaviours due to dementia, published by Waikato DHB Mental Health Service for Older People.