Dementia Waikato provides clients / patients with
post-diagnosis and ongoing support through:

• Home visits for initial meeting, regular phone support, visits as needed
• DHB’s Dementia Navigator service (ongoing support)
• Liaison with DSL & with MHSOP (DW has InterRai records access)
• Carepartner Support Groups throughout Waikato
• Family Education Seminars
• DW has field staff of Nurses, OT’s and Social Workers
• DW empowers carepartners to function well in their role
• DW can come and speak at practices & clinics (CPD hrs)
Supporting individuals, families and communities to live well at home with dementia.

Print client/patient handouts:  Fact Sheets about types and aspects of dementia- Click Here

Referral Forms:

For referrals from DHB staff:
DHB Clinical Referral Form – CLICK HERE

For GPs, Primary Health, and Community Agencies to refer clients for our services
General Referral Form – CLICK HERE

For Residential Facility staff – a comprehensive guide to changed behaviours due to dementia, published by Waikato DHB Mental Health Service for Older People.
Changed Behaviour Guide – CLICK HERE