Dementia Waikato provides education to people with dementia and their families/whanau in a number of ways, including:

  • One-on-one sessions with either the person with dementia or family members
  • Specific family group sessions (including special sessions for children and young people)
  • Training for residential care facility staff and in-home paid carers
  • Information and awareness sessions about dementia for community organisations

The courses we are offering currently are:


Our Family Education/Information sessions aim to:

  • Give carers, family members and friends a greater understanding of dementia and what it means for the person experiencing symptoms.
  • Equip you with knowledge and techniques to maximise good and effective communications.
  • Help you understand how to keep yourself well and energised to remain an effective support person.

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There is no charge for our clients but a donation to assist with our running costs will be greatly appreciated.



These groups facilitate essential social interaction and stimulation.  Activities include a weekly Walking Group, fortnightly Art Group, fortnightly Creativity Club and weekly Music Groups.

For more information please phone the office on 07 929 4042.